Trained, Tried, & Tested Equals Proven.


I am greatly pleased that you have decided to visit our website.  Why are we here?  Our concern as well as yours, for our community and that you take your responsibility as a voter seriously as I do.  The citizens of Delaware County deserve to have the best Sheriffs Department in the nation and I am committed to that resolve.  The purpose of our site is to provide you, the concerned citizen, with enough information about me, my commitment to the citizens and Delaware County, my experience and education, so that you can make an informed decision on whom you want to lead your Sheriffs Department.  


In brief, I am presently the Chief Deputy Auditor for the Delaware County Auditor's office. I retired as a Police Watch Commander with over 28 years in law enforcement experience. I am a graduate of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy of which I was Class President and I am a graduate of the Leadership Command College, Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute.  I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, Ball State University.


Further, I am very proud of my military service and served over twenty years on active and reserve duty with the United States Army, which included duty as a Platoon Leader during Operation Desert Storm. I rose through the enlisted ranks, obtained a Warrant Officers appointment, then an Officers Commission ultimately attaining the rank of Captain. I have a vast amount of experience and training, including managing budgets, functioning as a purchasing agent and accounting for hundreds of millions of dollars of equipment as a Command Logistics Officer with the Army. This background and training enables me to bring substantive and solid experience to the management of the Sheriff’s Department and, of critical importance, the Delaware County Jail.


I am not a career politician or a product of the local power brokers.  I am now, and always have been, a simple man of the people.  I am asking for you to hire me as your next Sheriff.  I know that I will be your employee and will be forever mindful of that fact.


After you have had an opportunity to read our information, I hope that you will agree, as your next Sheriff, I will provide the necessary Leadership, Fiscal Management, Professionalism and Integrity, to represent all the citizens of Delaware County.  I need your vote and support; collectively we will make the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department one that we all can be proud of.  


Sincerely Yours,


Charlie Richmond

Three generations of serving the public

Three generations of serving the public

Proud and happy grandpa

Proud and happy grandpa

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